Return Policy

1.Basic instructions

We provide a statutory warranty of 2 years or 24 months (for final customers) on the goods.
The warranty applies only to damaged product material or production quality, does not apply to product wear due to use. Faded colors due to multiple washing after use are not covered by the warranty and no claims can be made.

2.Immediate Claim
Complaints about the graphics must be submitted within 3 days of receipt of the goods, (incorrect number, incorrect name, etc.) by mail and confirmed by phone.

3.Common Claim
In the case of a normal complaint, all documents on the purchase of the goods and a description of the defect or the defect must be enclosed. complaints (basic description of the defect, photocopy of the invoice, receipt).
Please send the claimed goods only to the address of RANN together with all data (company name, address, tel. Contact, mail, etc.).
If the claim is justified in the first phase, the goods will be repaired if the goods cannot be repaired. If it is not possible to produce goods or you will not agree with the new products will be refunded the money for the claimed goods to your account.
The statutory deadline for handling a complaint is normally a maximum of 30 days, but we will try to resolve the claim within 10-14 days.
The claimed goods must be clean or void when dealing with the claim; in case of non-compliance with this policy, we will not handle the claim until this requirement is met.

4.Return Address
RANN Sportswear
Vysoká 4302/34
921 01 Piešťany
Mobile: +421 918 178 142

RANN reserves the right to make changes to the terms of return policy. These Terms and Conditions shall be revoked by the issuance of new terms. We will keep you informed of this step.