How to order custom goods

1.Selection of goods:

Please select the type of jersey (shorts etc.) you want to order and send us an order via our e-shop or by e-mail: If you need further information about the order, please send an e-mail to or call +421 905 617 285 and we will be happy to advise you.

2.Price offer:

We will prepare a non-binding quote for you and send it to you by mail.

3.Price confirmation:

We will resolve all your order details after your bid approval.

4.Size selection:

On our website you will find basic size tables for selection of goods sizes. But if you want to be sure and choose the right sizes, we can send you samples to try. We will only charge you the basic price for 1 pc based on the prices of each product on our site. After trying them, we will refund the price for the samples if you do not like the goods or deduct from the order if we conclude the order and make the production. Shipping costs are always paid by the sample sender. The sending of test samples must always be announced in advance by telephone, and samples are not always available in stock.

5.Payment payment:

After approval of the price offer, we will send you a backup invoice for 50% of the price of the products without VAT. After payment, the process of custom production and graphic work will be launched.


After paying the advance payment, we will prepare a graphical preview of your new jerseys and complete the final order design together. We will fine-tune the placement of the advertising boxes or names on the individual parts of the jerseys.

7.Graphic background:

To ensure the best print quality, please supply logos in vector formats (Adobe, Corel). If you do not have them please request them from your sponsors. The texts must be converted into curves. If you require a special color, mark the shades through the Pantone sampler.).

8.Graphic Programs:

a) Corel Draw (max X7) in cdr-converted curves.
b) Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps in curves)
c) Adobe Acrobat in pdf files (curves).
d) If you do not send logos in the curves to us what you have and I suggest to you further ...

Note: After the graphic preview has been approved, the delivery time for the order begins to run

9.Realization of production:

After the graphic preview is approved, the production begins. Delivery times are at least 3 to 4 weeks, sometimes it may be even more so please order in advance. Delivery time is by agreement. If you need products for a specific date, please let us know by phone and we will try to meet your requirements.

10.Production completion:

As soon as the order is ready, we will contact you to arrange the delivery of the goods (personal delivery, courier delivery). Surcharge can be paid cash on delivery, by bank transfer before the goods are shipped, or in cash upon delivery.


Please provide some of this information when communicating. Name, club name, order number (backup invoice) and mail and mobile contact.