How to care for clothes


If you want RANN products to last longer, please follow the instructions below.

You can find basic information on the labels, here you can read more detailed instructions and advice.


This may impair their printing and shape. Do not use the dryer and do not dry jerseys on radiators or other heaters!
Immediately after your sports performance, put the jerseys on the dryer upright.

Do not leave them in the bag if they are damp because they will run dry for a long time and dry in a wrinkled condition!


Do not use aggressive cleaning and laundry detergents as they may deter colors and prints.

Very dirty jerseys should be washed as soon as possible and preferably separated from other clothing.

Make sure that printing may be damaged at higher temperatures than recommended.

Turn the jerseys with the print to the opposite side and try to wash with the gentle mode if your washing machine allows it.

Cotton and textile products: 30 degrees Celsius

Polyester jerseys + shorts: 40 degrees Celsius

When washing, set the washing machine to the maximum temperature of the goods as follows:


Ironing is not necessary if you wash out your jerseys on the dryer in an unrestrained condition.


Jerseys and underwear shorts must be ventilated in the open air outside or in the cellar.